Year 1 & 2

Current Units of Work

Integrated Studies – What was life like?

We are currently engaging in an inquiry unit called ‘What was life like?’ We will be exploring how life has changed. Students will discover how schools have changed over time and compare how schools are today to how they used to be. They will also look at how toys, lifestyle and technology have evolved.

Learning Boxes

Year1&2-1 Year1&2-2

Students in Grade One and Two have thoroughly enjoyed working on their Learning Boxes. Students have selected topics of interest to research including: sharks, dinosaurs, football, motorbikes, flags, the solar system and countries. Students have used electronic and print resources to investigate and record their learning.


‘Investigations Time’

Year1&2-3 Year1&2-4

Students thoroughly enjoy their investigations time. The students are encouraged to use their imagination, share their ideas and explore the content of all learning areas including literacy, numeracy, science and the arts. Students engage in hands on experiences that they then write about.


Students have also been exploring various writing types including letters, narratives and information text.



The Grade 1’s and 2’s had great fun making fraction pizzas. They learnt to cut their pizzas into halves, quarters and eighths.


The Grade 1’s and 2’s have been learning about Australian money. We have worked hard to learn the features of all the coins and to put the coins in order of value.



Year1&2-8 Year1&2-9 Year1&2-7

Our Book Launch

At the end of term three, the Grade one and two students celebrated their success as book authors. We began by reading storybooks such as the Grug series, Mr Men and Little Miss and fairy tales such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. The students then brainstormed different story ideas, inspired by the books they had read. The students spent weeks on planning, composing and editing their narratives.

The results were spectacular! Students published their stories by handwriting or typing them and creating a book with their own illustrations and cover designs.

To celebrate, the students organised a book launch and invited their parents and families to come to the school. Students also visited different classes and shared their storybooks across our learning area.

Overall it was an outstanding success! Well done, Grade one and two!

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Edendale Farm

In Term 3, our grade one and two students visited Edendale Farm in Eltham, Victoria.

The children had been learning about where our food comes from, and the process of how food goes from farm to table. The children also planted seeds and learnt about different plants.

We visited the animals, such as: cows, horses, sheep, goats and chickens. The children also learnt about worm-farming, composting and recycling – which was a fantastic lead-up to our next Inquiry unit: Sustainability and Recycling.

The children had a wonderful day and had a rich learning experience. Many thanks to Edendale farm for being a wonderful host and supporting their learning with excellent and meaningful activities.

IMG 20140902 100843 IMG 20140902 101950

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