P.E & Sports

Physical Education & Sport at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School

Physical Education & Sport is a major component of Primary Education at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School. The emphasis of the program is to develop individual and team-based skills and promote positive attitudes toward physical activity. Physical Education is a comprehensive program that includes fitness, ball skills, games, athletics, gymnastics and swimming. Students are given every opportunity to participate in organised sport through a combination of before/after school programs along with lunchtime clubs through close ties with Hume City Council and various sporting organisations.

In the Prep and Junior Primary years, lessons focus on skill acquisition and games specific to the FMS being taught. The Prep classes also participate in a weekly Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) to refine and develop both fine and gross motor skills.

In the Middle and Senior Primary years, lessons build on the skills acquired in the Junior Years to develop simple tactics and game based knowledge and health and fitness related concepts. Grade 5/6 students also take part in a SEPEP unit designed to understand the different roles and responsibilities required to compete in community sport.

Students also participate in a 2-week intensive Swimming Program during Term 4 that aims to develop water skills and confidence around water.

The school participates as a member of the Broadmeadows Sports District Association.




Kanga Cricket –Open

Volleyball –Open and Girls

Softball –Open and Girls

Basketball –Open and Girls


Soccer –Open and Girls

Netball –Open and Girls

Handball –Open and Girls

Touch Rugby –Open


5/6 AFL Football –Open -Term 2

5/6 AFL Football –Girls -Term 3

5/6 Rugby –Boys and Girls -Term 3

5/6 Cricket –Boys and Girls -Term 4

3/4 Cricket –Boys and Girls -Term 4


Swimming –Term 1

Cross Country –Term 1

Athletics –Term 3

Stage of Learning Program Focus
Foundation FMS: (Locomotion –jumping, hopping, skipping, running, leaping)

(Manipulative –throwing, catching, kicking, rolling, ball bouncing, two handed strike)

-PMP Program

-Swimming Program (Term 4)

-P-2 Summer Tabloid Sports

Gr 1/2 Locomotor and more complex FMS: Punt, Forehand Strike, Two-Hand Side Strike.

-Gr 1/2 students participate in a range of games specific to FMS being taught.


-After-School Programs

-Swimming Program (Term 4)

Gr 3 -Modified Games/Sports: FMS Focus

-Understanding Rules, Skills, Simple Tactics & Teamwork


-After-School Programs

-Swimming Program (Term 4)

Gr 4/5/6 -Team Strategies & Team Work

-Teaching Games for Understanding -Invasion Games, Target Games, Striking and Fielding Games and Net/Wall Games.


-Health and Fitness Components

-Interschool Sport

-GALA Days

-Athletics Carnival

-Cross Country

-Swimming Program (Term 4)


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