Melissa Doherty, Ecologist from Hume City Council, visited Dallas Brooks Community Primary School in July, 2016, and met with our student Environment Leaders and Sustainability Committee.

The flora and fauna of our school grounds were observed, and shrubs, rocks, grasses, flowers and trees were named and noted, as well as birds, insects and frogs.
Our student Environment Leaders and Sustainability Committee learnt a great deal about the Plains Grasslands ecosystem of our local native environment, and how much it has decreased over the last century, as the city of Hume infrastructure developed over the years. Many of the local native animals and plants are endangered.

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School aims to work towards the planting and ongoing care of native shrubs and trees that are natural habitats for our endangered species, thus supporting our local ecosystem and helping the wildlife to flourish. This will in turn strengthen the natural lifecycles in our environment and improve the growth and beauty of the nature of our grounds and surrounding local ecosystems.

Students and families are encouraged to pitch in for the betterment of our local wildlife. You can even help at home to support our natural environment, by:
– recycling and composting daily
– maintaining a garden with Australian Native plants, especially “Plains Grasslands” Australian Native flora, including flowering plants, rocks and shrubs.
Our school community can work together to maintain our natural world and care for our environment.

Please see our student Environment Leaders and Sustainability Committee, Ms Penny Howard and Mrs Michelle Napolitano for more information about how you can help to make a difference, both at home and at school.

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