Year 4

Current Units of Work
‘We are what we eat’

This term in Inquiry we have been learning about healthy eating and healthy living. We have been trying to answer the questions “How do our choices affect our health?” and “How can I care for my body?”

We have focused on understanding the different food groups and which nutrients, vitamins and minerals they offer. Some activities we have complete include; generating wonder questions, surveys on healthy lifestyle habits, and creating healthy meal plans.


We are learning to read, write, draw, and say numbers up to millions and beyond! We are using place value houses, partitioning and expanding to help us understand place value. We have also been learning about measurement – we used all kinds of scaled instruments to measure items in and around our classroom, including the room itself!


We have been learning to improve our informative writing, through information reports on a wide variety of topics. We have been exploring the writing process in detail, and practicing our skills in editing, revising, drafting and publishing. We spend time on Fridays writing in our Writer’s Notebooks, where we are encouraged to write about things that we are passionate about, in whatever way we choose!


We have been focusing on facts and opinions in our reading this term. Our teachers have been encouraging us to select reading goals, and challenging us to achieve them quickly! We do all kinds of fun activities in our reading sessions, including performing Reader’s Theatre scripts, watching BTN videos, reciprocal teaching and guided reading.


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