3 Year Old Kindergarten

Dallas and Upfield Kindergarten are managed by the Northern Schools Early Years Cluster Inc. and are located within the grounds of Dallas Brooks Community Primary School.

In 2013, Dallas and Upfield Kindergarten  moved to  new purpose built facilities within the grounds of Dallas Brooks Community Primary School in King Street, Broadmeadows.

The K – 6 philosophy of Dallas Brooks Community Primary School enables an extended kindergarten/school transition program to occur and allows the kindergarten aged child and their families to become familiar with a school environment very early on in their education journey.

Dallas and Upfield Kindergarten offer both 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten programs. Currently, each four year old program offers 12 hours of kindergarten per week, whereas the three year old program offers two sessions of kindergarten per week.

In 2013, the kindergarten is on target to offer 15 hours of kindergarten per week.

The kindergarten program is planned and implemented by a qualified Kindergarten Teacher (4 year degree) and a qualified Kindergarten Assistant.

The play based program is developed considering the needs and interest of each child and utilising the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework /National Quality Framework.

The kindergarten staff believe that each child is unique and has a natural motivation to learn. In encouraging their self esteem and confidence the children are able to gain full advantage of the educational program and life beyond.

The kindergarten recognizes that parents need to have an integral role in their child’s kindergarten program.  Parents can participate in their child’s kindergarten program in many ways – volunteering for roster duty, assisting with the borrowing library/translation, special days and festivals.

Parents are welcome at the kindergarten at any time!

Dallas and Upfield Kindergarten are committed to ensuring that their programs are innovative, inclusive and cater for each child’s individual needs.

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