Year 3 & 4

Current Units of Work

Integrated Studies

‘Australian History’

Our focus for Integrated Studies in Term 3 is ‘To find what events shaped Australian history?’ So far we have  focused on gaining an understanding of what the students know about Australian history through picture collages. Student interest has been sparked by participating in activities, such as, survivor challenges in co-operative groups and working with interactive Australian pictures using the webtool ‘Thinklink’.


Jigsaw puzzle used as part of our sparking  interest within integrated studies.


Making an Australian time line interactive using ThinkLink:


We are learning to work out addition and subtraction problems in our heads.  We are using equipment such as tens frames and MAB to help us learn different strategies for working out problems. Once we can solve number problems using equipment, we will start to solve the number problems mentally. We will further extend our learning of multiplication by solving real life problems and open ended projects.


We have been learning about measurement. We have been constructing a bird’s eye view of houses and finding the perimeter and area of different shapes.

This term we will also be focusing on chance and data. We will be representing data using different types of graphs.



We have been learning how to improve our narrative writing. Through-out this process we will explore different narrative genres including horror, comedy and science fiction. We will be revisiting each type of writing structure once a week within our Writer’s Notebook including information reports, persuasive and information texts.


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