Year 5 & 6


Students have been watching videos on Behind the News about Australian history based on our inquiry unit. They have watched different news reports and reading the transcript of the video. This has supported students in identifying the structure and understanding the purpose of a transcript is the main element to present a news report.


Students have been working towards using different multiplication strategies to solve worded problems and equations. They have started practicing vertical multiplication and partitioning strategies. Some students are working towards 2-digit by 2-digit, while others have started to use 2-digit by 3-digit numbers in multiplication.


Students are working towards learning how to write a transcript based on a culture that
has shaped Australia as a nation. We have started understanding the purpose of a transcript and
why transcripts are written. Students are also beginning to plan out how they want to structure
their writing and will start their research.


This term in Inquiry, we are learning to explore how migration of different cultures and religions around has shaped Australia today. So far, we have brainstormed how the Australian Nation has been shaped from 1700’s till now. Students have watched a video of the song “I am, You are, We are Australian” and analysed this in depth to understand the meaning behind the song.

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