Foundation Year

“Welcome to all our foundation students, who have made a great start to 2019.  Our students have begun to settle into classroom routines, this now includes putting their bags into their lockers and then sitting on the mat read to start that days learning. We encourage all parents to please label your child’s belonging, such as hats, jumpers, jackets, bags, drink bottles and lunch boxes. Our school is a sun smart school, which means during recess and lunch times your child needs to be wearing a hat. We look forward to having a wonderful year together.”


During Term 1, Foundation students are exploring the topics of ‘All About Me’ and ‘Occupations’. The foundation children have been exploring a range of different play experiences that allow them to take on different roles, such as, being a builder, chef, painter, author, gardener and many others. Students have enjoyed using these experiences to record the role they have taken on during our developmental play to draw and write about the activity they have completed.

In literacy, students are working on learning about how books work. They have been practising shared reading with the teacher in small groups and the construction of class stories using the key words we are learning. Students also participate in daily games and learning tasks that assist them in developing their knowledge of each of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make.

In numeracy, students have been working on their counting skills. We have been working on recognising and writing numerals, as well as, ordering and making numbers from zero to twenty. Students have also enjoyed learning about shapes during our maths sessions. They have completed a shape walk around the school looking for two dimensional shapes in our environment.

In Term 3 the Prep children have begun to investigate fairytales. Each week students learn about two different fairytales. Some of the stories that we have shared include, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Students have looked at the features of a fairytale and know that they begin with the phrase,

“Once upon a time…”

and end with

“…they lived happily ever after”.

During our developmental play curriculum students have also explored items that often appear in fairytales, such as, castles, magic wands and crowns.

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