Foundation Year

In term three we are learning about how different cultures celebrate. In reading sessions we have been looking at how other schools celebrate 100 days of school.

On 100 days of school we participated in fun learning experiences such as cooking. We made our own fairy bread and decorated our own cup-cakes. Additionally, we made our own 100 shirts and decorated our own crowns and glasses.

In Mathematics we have been subitising but also adding one more to a collection. We have been practising on various collections of mate-rials and trying to guess what one more than be and then double checking.
We also have been completing lots of 100 experiences, guessing which jar has 100. We also have been practising counting to 100.

In Inquiry the students have been learning about celebrations. We kicked off this learning by cele-brating 100 days of learning/school. We celebrated with so many fun and engaging learning experiences. We also had a pizza party.

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