Global DeforestACTION Project

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Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten’s Year 5 and 6 students are working on a global collaborative project with eight schools from across the South East Asia region. The focus of the project is ‘Deforestation’ and the effects that present practices are having on our world.

The schools are being supported in this project by Microsoft and Taking IT Global. The project came about as part of a commitment made by participating students and teachers at the 6th Microsoft APAC Regional Innovative Education Forum which was held in Singapore in March 2010.

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Global DeforestACTION Program

Global DeforestACTION Project



Miss Bassett’s ‘Lilly Pilly’ Deforestaction group made and sold meringue-utans to raise money for our project.

All money collected by the schools in the Deforestaction project will be held in trust by Microsoft until sufficient funds have been collected to buy a section of natural forest in Indonesia that will become a haven for orangutans.

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