Year 2

Grade two students have settled back into term 2. They are engaged in their learning and happy to see their classmates again after the holidays.

In Literacy, students have begun the term reading and writing narratives with a focus on fairytales. They are investigating the vocabulary authors use to express ideas and the structure of a narrative. Students have planned and written some stories based on fairytales and enjoyed adapting these stories and incorporating their own ideas into these classic tales.

In Numeracy, grade two are learning addition and are acquiring a variety of strategies to solve a range of addition problems, including doubles, commutativity and using number lines. They are also investigating probability and the chance of outcomes linked to various events using language, such as, certain, likely, unlikely and impossible.

This term’s Inquiry is focusing on sustainable communities. Based on the story, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, grade two students designed and built a community of houses that the Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow down. They selected their own material and tested the strength of their houses. Students have started considering what makes a comunity sustainable, such as, water, food, electricity, rubbish removal and schools. They have identified what is in their local community that makes them happy and healthy, including parks, sporting clubs and entertainment.

Hello and welcome to our students, parents and families for the Grade 2 classes of 2019! We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to seeing our students grow and learn. This term, students will be learning how to write recounts about weekends, games and experiences. In Reading, they will be learning how to make connections in a story to their own lives, the world and other texts. When reading with your child, ask them if the book reminds them of another book, or if an event reminds them of a time in their lives. In Maths, we will be focusing on counting by 2s, 5s and 10s and quick recall of number facts. Our Inquiry topic is Sustainability and the students will be starting their learning boxes soon.

A reminder that students must come to school with a hat and water bottle.

There is an expectation that students read every night, and have their home reader signed by an adult.

Homework is due every Friday.

Here’s to a good year!



In Year 2 our topic is ‘Fantastic Families’ and our big question is “How does my family connect with who I am?”. Students have been researching and identifying the importance of family – what makes a family unit and how they can different.

Students in Year 2 have begun using their learning boxes where they are able to research about a country of their choice and devise questions about their country of choice. Many students have chosen to research their friend’s country and find out more about their friends.


This Term the Year 2 students have been creating information reports about their country of origin or family’s heritage. They have been using their research skills to find information about native animals, landmarks, special foods and facts about their chosen country. Their final project will showcase their learning from throughout the unit onto a creative visual display or poster.


In reading the Year 2 students are continuing to build on their strategies in reading as well as beginning to compare the difference between similar stories, themes, and characters in a story and an author’s purpose. Our author who we are studying is Aaron Blabey who is responsible for classic tales in the ‘Pig the Pug’ series.


This Term the Year 2 students are working hard, building their math skills covering a variety of areas such as fractions, place value, time, patterns and mapping


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