Our school demonstrates the ongoing commitment to the use of digital technology programs and resources. We deliver an integrated program which leverages technologies throughout each area of the curriculum. Teachers participate in a number of professional learning programs which develop and revise their high-level skills in setting up digital portfolios and using Web 2.0 applications. Our eLearning Professional Learning Community member work closely with the eLearning Coach to develop student skills.


Teachers support students’ skills in numeracy and mathematics through the use of digital technologies. Students have access to Mathletics at school and home to provide differentiated online learning activities which target the learning of each student at their particular point of need.

Students use a wide range of digital tools to support their learning and problem solving skills in numeracy, BeeBots, ProBots, Ozobots, 3D printing, etc.


Literacy has links to each subject area, teachers begin each unit by developing a common language to support student learning. As such teachers leverage a wide range of digital technologies to enhance the learning process. Students engage at a deep level through the use of Osmo, Scratch, EziSpeak, etc.

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